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We offer a satisfaction guarantee that if you are not happy with the quality of our service and medal mounting we will refund your money and pay for you to have them mounted somewhere else of your choice. We encourage you to compare the quality of our mounting with some of the average quality mounting of other medal mounters. Below are some before and after shots comparing our work to some of our competitors.

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Here is an example of one of our competitors work. British medals are especially difficult due to the chunkiness of the clasps. Also the ribbon work and folds in this group is very poor and the medal necks are not tired down and are loose.These medals are also originals and there is significant tarnishing on the medals.

We added the OSM-Greater Middle East Region, and the QEII Diamond Jubilee medal. After cleaning and buffing to remove all the tarnishing and oxidisation we apply a lacquer to the original medals to stop them further tarnishing and oxidising over time. Below is our finished product.
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Another example of our competitors work. Where do start with this group… clasps not stuck on properly and loose, medals crooked and not tied down. Ribbon work is nothing short of terrible, not spaced correctly and ring neck medal folds are poor.

We added the OSM-Greater Middle East and remounted them correctly, below is a picture of the finished product.
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Vietnam service group that has terrible ribbon work an ring neck folds, clasps are crooked and loose, medal necks have not been tied down and the medals are flapping about. Also these were original medals that were suffering from some tarnishing. We cleaned, polished, buffed, and applied a lacquer to ensure they do not oxidise and tarnish in the future. Below is a picture of the finished product.
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Here is an example of an original WWII group that required addition of an Arctic Star. Some of these medals (particularly the stars) were badly tarnished. We cleaned and buffed all the medals and applied a lacquer and remounted with the Arctic Star.

Of all the different groups of medals we mount, WWI and WWII restorations is our favourite type of work and we can clean up most medals in poor repair and remount with new ribbon. Below is a picture of the finished product.
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This is just a small comparison of our work to that of our competitors. If you would like to seem some more examples of our attention to detail and craftsmanship click on our gallery page.

Thank you John for the stellar job on the medals. Your personable service is second to none.
John A, QLD
I searched for a very long time for someone that would be able to do my medals with precision and pride. I had a good look at Johns work and knew that he would be the right bloke to do my sets. I got in touch with him and his personal service is phenomenal, it makes a difference to speak to a person and not an automated computer response. On top of this, I was unfortunately on a tight timeline and John was awesome in expediting my work and had my medals back in next to no time. You might find someone cheaper to do your medals, but I can guarantee they wouldn't be anywhere near as good as Johns work, and more than likely they will be inferior and will fall apart in no time. Don't bother looking anywhere else to get your gongs done. Thank you mate, for all your help.
Andrew K, NSW


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